Light Rail Cafe & Coffee Roasters

Just steps from the greenway, Light Rail Café & Roaster specializes in serving coffee, pizza, and sandwiches in a relaxed atmosphere. Start your day with a cup of their single-origin house-roasted coffee. During the day, relax on the porch and savor a pizza or sandwich made from local ingredients and served on house-baked breads and crusts. Complement any meal with a craft beer, tea, coffee drink, or juice. Be sure to stop by Saturday mornings to check out the week’s rotating brunch selection.
Visit Light Rail Village Café for food that features locally sourced ingredients & coffee that comes directly from the farmers that grow the beans.

Good Local Food

Our food is made with locally sourced ingredients using time tested processes by people with a passion for serving you the best food around.

Micro-Roasted Coffee

We purchase our beans from the farmers that grow them and micro-roast the beans in-house giving you the best cup of coffee you’ll find anywhere.